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Empowering Trans* Lives in India

Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust (TWEET) Foundation is a transgender-led community organization registered in India, which aims to encourage the community’s visibility by empowering them with the right skill set and mindset. TWEET Foundation is currently based out of New Delhi and Mumbai. It was established by seven trans activists in 2015 to serve the young trans movement, especially the transmen community that faces extreme gender-based violence and has been highly invisibilized...


"Join hands with us to create a more inclusive future for all, together."

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Our Initiatives

"Pioneering initiatives that drive positive change, promote inclusion, and empower the transgender community."
Our Skilling, Leadership, and Placement Projects

Aim to empower transgender and nonbinary individuals by upskilling their skillsets, and through fellowships, internships and job opportunities...

Our Shelter Homes

Provide shelter, and capacity-building/skill development training programs for homeless transgender individuals...

Advocacy Initiatives

Create an equitable and inclusive environment for trans people by providing corporate sensitization training, art & culture, research-based work, and policy advocacy at all levels.

Health Initiatives

Aims to provide comprehensive health services for transgender individuals, especially accessible to the most marginalized sections of the transgender population.

Transforming lives and reshaping communities through our dedicated efforts.
3000 +

Trans Provided Various Services

200 +

Provided Shelter Support In India

1000 +

Trans* Helpline Supoprt

100 +

Trans leaders Empowered

400 +

Trans* Skilled

200 +

Welfare Support

500 +

Trans* Employed

15,000 +

Stakeholders Sensitized on Trans* Issues

For the causes

Every individual deserves equality and dignity in life, irrespective of gender identity and expression.

Support our transgender community by donating today. Your contribution directly funds our vital programs, including advocacy, education, and support services. With your help, we can empower transgender individuals to live authentically and thrive. Together, we can create a more inclusive and accepting world. Join us in making a difference. Donate now.



Our shelter home in Mumbai and Delhi serve more than 60 trans person every year with food, space, health, documentation and placement support

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As a community based organisation, we are constantly investing in our technical and leadership strength to be better equipped to handle the large scale impactful work

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We have identified mental health and wellbeing as a strategic priority. Our teams require constant wellbeing support to heal and be able to support the work we do day in and day out

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Join us in celebrating diversity and advocating for transgender rights at our upcoming event!

Experience empowerment and inclusivity at our upcoming event hosted by TWEET, dedicated to supporting the transgender community. Join us for engaging workshops, enlightening discussions, and a platform for sharing stories. Whether you're transgender or an ally, come be a part of creating a more accepting world. Stay tuned for event details and join us in making a difference!


Stories, Resources, and Advocacy for Gender Diversity"

Dec 01.2024
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Don’t stop until your goal is achieved!

Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust (TWEET) Foundation celebrates its sixth (6th) anniversary on 15th May 2023...

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April 02,2023
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General Notice – Recruitment Opportunity

Tweet Foundation – Mumbai (www.tweetindia.org) 30th March 2021 | Mumbai, Maharashtra...

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April 4, 2021
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Advocacy Around Trans Education

GoNews covered the news around trans education with TWEET Foundation yesterday. We sincerely thank all ...

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June 10, 2017
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Queen of Dhwayah 2017 – Transgender Beauty Pageant

Kerala to host its first transgender beauty contest in June 2017. When ...

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